Our most effective weapon, a shovel blade severing the goathead taproot kills the plant immediately. Each Warrior is issued a new, fiberglass handle goathead shovel.


Cowhide Gloves

Goathead thorns easily puncture normal gardening gloves. Thicker cowhide gloves (available for about $3 at Lowes, Stans or Home Depot) allow handling the thorns without penetrating the glove. Cowhide gloves are issued to all Warriors.


3 MIL Garbage Bags

When a goathead plant is killed (via shovel or herbicides) any attached seeds are still alive. Because these seeds can sprout new plants in the future, removing the dead vine is essential.

42-gallon, 3 mil garbage bags work well for plant removal, are easy to carry and thick enough goathead spikes can’t poke through.


Hard Soled Shoes

Goathead thorns stick to soft shoe bottoms. Footwear with hard soles works best.